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Original stories by Shmolnick that humorously explore the dark side of humanity.

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An Audience with Lord Porkington

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Welcome to my art page, which includes more visual outpouring of creativity from my addled brain. On this page you'll find drawings and illustrations. Being saddled with a famously short attention span, I cannot guarantee that this page will be updated very frequently. But the following entries and drawings are quite recent, and I am reasonably pleased with how they turned out.

I've had to organize the content on this page into sections. Click below to jump quickly to a particular section.

Color Boxes

Check out my recent abstract stuff. Click to view a larger image (same viewer gizmo that's on the Cartoons page).

Latest Stuff

Not sure what this is

Color Boxes

So I was playing around with different colored boxes in Photoshop, and started experimenting with filters. The following illustrations are the result.


Once in a while, I get into the mood to draw actual sketches of things from life. Here are some of the better results:

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Almost 200 original cartoons by Shmolnick, including art created using Windows Live Messenger.

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The material in this section is intended for adults only, and even then, not for the faint-hearted. You can expect extreme weirdness, excessive sex, violence, and a host of horrors, albeit presented for humorous effect.

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